Buying unseen

Many of our clients might not have the budget to come over to France to try horses. That is why French Horse Exports offers clients the option of buying horses unseen. Actually over a third of the horses that we have sold have been purchased unseen and untried. If a client can't make it out to France we work with them to find exactly what they are looking for through detailed explanations from them, going through sales videos together, and analyzing videos of them riding. Once we have deciphered what they are really looking for we narrow down the list of horses. Then myself or my business partner will go to try the selection (if we haven't already tried them) to help clients select what they are looking for. Through these methods we have been able to match up clients to the horses they are exactly looking for.


Horse tour

For clients that want to come over to France and try horses we offer a horse tour. Before coming to France clients will narrow down their selection with our help. Then, depending on how many days the client is in France, we will look at horses everyday while also giving one day to re-try the horses they liked. We take care of organizing the whole tour and all you have to do is buy your ticket to France!

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Importing a horse from Europe can be overwhelming and scary! But don't worry we take care of absolutely everything along the way in order to get your horse to your barn door safe and sound and most importantly stress free for you! Before your horse ships, we will explain the importing process in detail to you, organize vet visits, film vet visits (flexions and lameness tests), translate documents, and of course organize all the transport and quarantine. Because of our thoroughness we do charge a 10 percent commission which is added onto the total price of horse after negotiations. However, if you are purchasing multiple horses you are given a discount on commission.     Read more

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare for a trip? When is the best time to shop in a horse? How long do I need to go to Europe to find a horse? Should I involve my trainer? Do I have to sign any contracts? How long does it take for a horse to get to my barn from France? How much does the transportation cost? Where is French Horse Exports located?

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