Eureka de Jouan, by Canturo and Capricieuse vh Houde Hof, by Darco

Pedigree :

FaraCalando I
Ulara II
Capricieuse vh Houde HofDarcoLugano van la Roche
Romance van de PadenborreQuidam de Revel
Himalaya van de Padenborre

6 year old Selle Français stallion - dark bay - 1.62m (16.0hh)

Canturo x Darco

Horse for sale - Price : **** (prices legend) * : under $15,000
** : Between $15,001 and $30,000
*** : Between $30,001 and $50,000
**** : More than $50,000

About :

This stallion competed in the 5 yo qualification series with excellent results (19 clear-rounds out of 20 courses). He qualified for the national final and placed third out of 64 stallions of his age. He is qualified for the world final at Lanaken that takes place at the end of September.

He competed in the 4 year-old series and was double clear at the regional final in 2018. He has a excellent motherline. His grandmother has produced Ohio van de Padenborre and 3 other 1.60m jumpers.

Eureka’s motherline: here

Videos :