Derby de Combrailles, by Goldfever and Quacentina de Royon, by Cento

Pedigree :

GoldfeverGrosso ZGoliath
Quacentina de RoyonCentoCapitol I
Viola XI
Daisy des RondesPlatoon
Norma de la Source

7 year old Selle Français gelding - chestnut - 1.68m (16.2hh)

Goldfever x Cento

Horse for sale - Price : ** (prices legend) * : under $15,000
** : Between $15,001 and $30,000
*** : Between $30,001 and $50,000
**** : More than $50,000

About :

This gelding is currently trained to compete in the 7 yo classes next season with a pro rider. He competed last year up to 1.20m classes with an amateur rider. He won the regional final of 6 yo horses (2nd year of show) in Normandy that took place in August 10/11th. He qualified for the national final in September and placed 28th out of 116 horses. He is a very competitive horse and careful. He has done 19 clear-rounds out of 23 courses at 5 and 6 years-old. He is a horse with blood and a good natural balance. Recent set of x-rays.

Videos :