Deal R, by Quppydam des Horts and Quetta de Rance, by Hastings

Pedigree :

Quppydam des HortsQuidam de RevelJalisco B
Floryspo des HortsLe Tot de Semilly
Rasia de la Forge
Quetta de RanceHastingsLaudanum
Noblesse de Thurin
Déesse de RanceNotre Norway
Nébuleuse d'Avril

8 year old Selle Français gelding - chestnut - 1.64m (16.1hh)

Quppydam des Horts x Hastings

Horse for sale - Price : *** (prices legend) * : under $15,000
** : Between $15,001 and $30,000
*** : Between $30,001 and $50,000
**** : More than $50,000

About :

This gelding has competition experience up to 1.25m with amateur riders. Athletic horse with blood, fast on the ground, soft to ride, good lead changes, easy to manage at the barn, easy-going temperament.

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