Carat, by Gerfaut d'Helby and Miss d'Helby, by Papillon Rouge

Pedigree :

Gerfaut d'HelbyLaudanumBoran
Monta Bella
Veha d'HelbyDouble Espoir
Gina du Grippois
Miss d'HelbyPapillon RougeJalisco B
Savane d'HelbyMuguet du Manoir
Dibrahim Grimeux

10 year old Selle Français gelding - chestnut - 1.70m (16.3hh)

Gerfaut d'Helby x Papillon Rouge

Horse for sale

About :

This gelding competed this year up to 1.45m with placings. He competed last year in the 7 yo series (1.35-1.40m) and qualified for the national final.

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