Camélia de Laume, by Jivaro du Rouet and Joie de Laume, by Verdi

Pedigree :

Jivaro du RouetVas y Donc LonganeGrand Veneur
Kermesse du Manoir
Milady du RouetQuastor
Perle de Norval
Joie de LaumeVerdiQuidam de Revel
Nouveaute IVTigre Rouge

7 year old Selle Français mare - chestnut - 1.66m (16.1hh)

Jivaro du Rouet x Verdi

About :

This mare competed in the 6 year-old qualification series (1.30 - 1.35m) with very good results. She qualified for the regional and the national final. She did 12 clear rounds out of 17 courses this season. She has blood and is careful.